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Let me deal with time consuming tasks like setting up, maintaining, updating, troubleshooting your web sites while you focus on making the big bucks


What started as a temporary fix, has now become an easy solution & peace of mind for my business.


Hi everyone my name is Eric and I just wanted to leave a little note about how extremely grateful to have met Marcus and have him as my webmaster.

I dabble a bit of WordPress myself but whenever I have problems I know I can always count on Marcus to help me and fix things and on top of that, his prices for the work he does for me are more than generous.

Lastly Marcus is very trustworthy. When he started to help me and I needed to provide him with my cPanel username & password I would always give him a temp password which I would change back to my old one once the work was done, however not too long after I had complete faith in him that I didn’t bother changing my password.

If you have any questions or If you want to verify that I’m an actual person and that this message is legit you can send me an email at eric@ecmvilleneuve.ca


Eric. V

What started as a temporary fix, has now become an easy solution & peace of mind for my business.


I own a fast-growing business with no time to look through hundreds of portfolios to hire a webmaster. I heard of webmaster4hire through a business associate and thought I would try out a job that I had been putting off for weeks. I emailed Marcus with complicated instructions for a new website at midnight. I woke up the next morning to an email from Marcus with a link to my fabulous new website done exactly per my instructions. My second shock came at the incredibly inexpensive price for the finished product. Since then I have used Marcus for numerous projects and will continue to do so.


Janelle Elms
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"I want you to know it has been a blessing in my life to find you and be working with you."


Your contributions to my efforts are significant and very appreciated! Your professionalism, guidance, and amazing response rate are so appreciated by me. You are helping me live my vision and become who I am in the world. Thank you.

Roger Marsh


"Its amazing how one individual can take a world of confusion and make magic out of it!"


My web sites are exactly what I was looking for and I know you had to interpret my desires and turn them into wonderful web pages. Your work is fast, efficient, well organized and truly well beyond my expectations. You deliver true value for your customers and I am very appreciative of the effort and results. Thanks Marcus, I look forward to great things in the future!


Diane Dutton

“Marcus is Simply the Most Awesome Webmaster!”


Marcus is absolutely incredible. He is super fast and a joy to work with. He does everything for me: from the design of my pages, creating graphics of my products, editing photos, uploading audios, setting up my autoresponders, and working with my shopping cart, and much more – he does it all incredibly professionally. Marcus is indispensable to me. I can’t thank him enough for helping me to get my online businesses up and running quickly and easily!


Valerie Dawson

I was pleasantly surprised by the economy and
efficiency of his work—a great value for such high quality service.


I was referred to Marcus by a microbusiness consultant whom I trust implicitly. My trust was completely rewarded. My website is an artist portfolio and I was very concerned that the aesthetic integrity of the site be maintained and expressed. Marcus accomplished this and actually enhanced my site beyond my expectations! He was so easy to work with and it was enjoyable to communicate with him. He was clear and sensitive to my needs. I am grateful to Marcus and highly recommend him to anyone needing a webmaster. I am really enjoying my upgraded site –it is fantastic!!! I will use his services again, and I am already thinking of my next project!


Meghan Caughey

"I am personally and professionally grateful to have found Marcus has he has made my life so much easier."


I have found someone I can trust with everything to do with my websites. I used to struggle trying to figure it out myself or wait literally weeks to have a simple change made to my first site. Marcus makes all my changes and improvements to my original site and created a wonderful site for me in a matter of days. If I had known about him before I developed my coaching site I would have saved myself an incredible amount of money and stress.

Marcus you are truly a dream to work with and I marvel at how quickly and efficiently you get everything done. I appreciate knowing I have a true professional to work with on all my web needs from design to hosting to shopping cart set up. It has freed me up to do what I do best and leave all the technical “stuff” to you


With gratitude,
Maureen Staiano


Your turn around time on projects is amazingly quick, and you are extremely professional.


Marcus, thank you so much for such a smooth and fast setup! I have to say that it is a pleasure working with you! You are very knowledgeable.
I look forward to working on many more projects with you.


Lisa Suttora
Founder/CEO, An eBay Certified Services Provider –

"Marcus, you rescued me from the clutches of the incompetent and non-responsive."


Your phenomenal turnaround time and accurate error free work have enabled me to dramatically accelerate my web site development and greatly reduced my frustration and stress. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your contributions. I highly recommend you to all who read this message.


Joe Farcht

You are so fast, so accommodating, and so easy to work with.

Marcus, the new pages and fixes look great….how you figure out what I want and need with my inexpert descriptions is amazing! Thanks again for superb work. You can take all the complicated ideas and wants I have, and even when I can’t really explain what I want, you not just get it and then give me what I ask for, but add what’s needed to work effectively. Thank you!

Patricia Wiklund Ph.D.

I know everything will be done with care, speed and professionalism.


We are delighted to have Marcus on our team! He came highly recommended to us and the accolades are all true. If you’re looking for someone to handle your webmaster functions, Marcus is a great find.


Ruby Yeh
Executive Producer

SuccessWithEase Multi-media ebooks & communities

I would recommend you to any of my colleagues.


Marcus, you do a fantastic job! You are so much more professional, reliable, and prompt than several other webmasters with whom I have worked in the past couple of years. It is a pleasure to do business with you. I know that I can count on you for deadlines and to set up my websites well. Thanks again!


Iris R. Bell, MD PhD
Big Picture Information on Healing from Chronic Disease

GettingWhole.com & BigPictureTips.com

I have been very impressed and appreciative of your work.


I will speak of the time when you were able to work quickly to fix a critical error on a website of mine (made by my previous webmaster) – which was affecting sales for an event. Time was of the essence. You understood the issue, and you dealt with it immediately and effectively. This was crucial to the success of my teleseminar. Thank you for your help! I highly recommend your services!


Kenny Handelman, MD

Finally having a technical webmaster on my team has lifted a ten ton weight off my shoulders.


I was referred to you by Jeanette Cates, someone I have high regard for. Although you and I are oceans away and dealing with a 15 hour time difference I couldn’t be happier with your response, technical expertise and commitment. The relief I feel is indescribable. I will recommend you without question to anyone who ever asks me for a webmaster referral. It is a pleasure working with you and I appreciate all you do to make sure I am getting what I want.


Megan Gelhar

Thanks for understanding and executing my vision, and doing it so quickly and efficiently.


I know that I came to you with some very specific requests and challenges that I thought were going to be tough to pull off – like the ability to play video seamlessly on the home page. (Obviously, a video provider has to have a video sample on his website!) But you nailed it on the first try. You just totally understood what I needed and delivered on time and on target! I was amazed at how quickly you pulled it together. The OnlineVideoGuy website has exceeded my expectations and is exactly what I was looking for. It’s been a delight working with you and I look forward to working with you on future projects.


Lou Bortone

You’re always pleasant which makes working with you a great experience.


Marcus, a colleague recently told me about you. I was delighted to discover that she wasn’t over exaggerating about your friendly, professional and speedy service! I am extremely impressed with how you communicate clearly, promptly complete my projects and understand what I need (even when I’m not exactly sure!). Plus, you’re always pleasant which makes working with you a great experience. Thank you for helping me and Pig and Panda! I look forward to working with you for a long time to come!


Rebecca Shapiro
Artist & Creative DirectorPig and Panda

Excellent, timely work. Very good quality, very speedy. Conscientious and effective.


Well priced for the job specified. Flexible enough to deal with changes in the specification and do re-bids on the fly. I will definitely use Marcus again.


Patrick Hesselmann , Chair
The American Medical College of Homeopathy

You are incredibly talented and perceptive!


Marcus, I am excited to finally work with someone who can actually help bring my website ideas into reality. Special thanks for your quick responses and insightful suggestions. You are a rare find! I’m looking forward to all the great work we have yet to do.


Barbara Davis
Speaker, Coach and Consultant

When Marcus says he’ll get something done, it’s always done better than I could imagine.


I’ve done a lot of work with people who “say” they know how to set up websites, and Marcus really knows what he’s doing. He’s responsive and timely. I send him an email telling him what I need done, and by the time I get up in the morning, it’s done! And done well. Thank you Marcus, for all your awesome help!


Willow Sibert
Intuitive Entrepreneur

I am now writing up 3 more requests for you so I can concentrate on MARKETING, not on building websites.


Marcus, I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your work. I was talking Dr Jeanette Cates and she recommended that I contact you regarding the problem I was having with one of my scripts. I sent a request for the repairs to my site to you at 8:11 pm. I received your response and price at 9:00 pm. I accepted at 9:10 and you delivered every thing I asked for at 9:54 pm. All for a very good price compared to the hours I had onto it already.


Steve Knorr

Marcus has excellent customer service skills, and his work is thorough.


I found Marcus through a long chain of connections, and I’m so glad I did! He’s very responsive and professional. He was unbelievably fast in making changes to my site, and kept me in the loop every step of the way. I look forward to working with him for a long time to come.


Joanne Lauterjung Kelly
Owner, Muse Indigo –

I have gotten so many compliments on my site, I’ve already referred him to 2 different people, and will continue to do so.


Marcus stepped in to help me with my first real website. He was professional and fast. He never took more than hours to respond to my questions, suggestions and requests, and sometimes took only minutes. He was open to all the things I asked for, as well as willing to make whatever changes I requested. The things I didn’t know how to do or know about, he either took care of for me, or guided me easily and quickly through the process. Because I’m new at this, I kept going back to him and asking questions. Marcus always answered each question, and gave me options. I plan to keep using him, as I will need more sites. He’s great! and his work is great, too. I highly recommend his services.


Mary Beth Haines, Ph.D.

In this industry it is a challenge to find your talent and speed.


I was referred to you by a well known speaker and presenter. And I have been so impressed with the quality of work and the speed of your work. Thank you!


Heather Havenwood
Hot Dating Coach Expert

I never imagined any webmaster could do such fine work, and do it so cheerfully and fast.


Dear Marcus, I cannot begin to tell you how amazed and delighted I am by the work you’ve done for me. I can’t believe my good fortune in being able to work with you. Thank so much!


Virginia Avery
Avery Presentations

I couldn’t imagine a more satisfying business dealing than the one I had with Marcus.


Marcus was recommended to me by a friend in publishing. Though it was difficult to believe that anyone could be this talented, I decided to give Marcus a shot. His prices were very reasonable and the results of the site were nothing short of amazing! The turn around time from my initial inquiry to a finished, and very professional webpage was less than a day including a round of minor corrections.


Nyles Bauer
Holistic Consciousness

Awesome work! You are a powerful creator.


You designed exactly what I had in mind. Are you a mind reader too? Thank you so very much, Marcus. Millions of people worldwide will see your work. May an abundance of blessings keep flowing your way.


Alex Paneda